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Dethatch Lawn thatch dethatching

Most lawns experience areas where the grass dies just above the soil. This layer (thatch) is beneficial in small amounts. When it builds up too quickly, it prevents water & air from reaching the roots, suffocating the lawn. Dethatching removes this layer allowing air & water to reach the grass.


core aeration aeration lawn aeration

A deep & strong root system is key to a healthy lawn. When soil is too compact, the roots are unable to grow deeper into the soil & instead elongate towards the surface. This results in a thin lawn susceptible to disease & insects. Aeration perforates the soil so nutrients reach the roots & provides space for roots to grow deeper.


overseeding grass seed

Fall is the best time for seeding a lawn. The cooler temps help the seed to retain moisture, germinate, & become established without fighting summers stresses. Overseeding will fill in any bare & thinning areas providing a natural defense against early spring weeds so you can enjoy a lush thick lawn all season.

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