Keep your landscape beautiful with Tree & Shrub Maintenance

At Simply Green, we recognize that trees and shrubs represent one of the biggest investments you’ll make on your outdoor space. One that can increase the overall value of your home. Let Simply Green help you protect that investment!

It is often assumed that many trees and shrubs are carefree and grow on their own, only requiring a professional when a noticeable problem arises. Unfortunately, waiting until a problem is noticeable could be too late.

Trees and shrubs face multiple threats to their health such as:

  Pest infestations
 Drought stress
  Poor soil

Don’t wait until your trees and shrubs show signs of trouble, partner with Simply Green to protect your investment and keep everything on your property strong, healthy, and thriving!

Tree and Shrub Services

Why people choose Simply Green

Licensed & Insured

All our lawn technicians are certified and licensed with the state of Iowa. Fully insured.

Customizable Services

We understand every lawn and landscape is different and pride ourselves in providing custom tailored solutions for your lawn, landscape, and snow removal needs.

Dependable Service

Simply Green is committed to each and every lawn we service and proud of the relationships we have built with our customers.

Reputable Company

Over 30 years of local experience in the industry.

Free Estimates

Estimates for service(s) are provided FREE for both current and potential customers.


We are committed to the training & development of our team. We have an onsite training ground for practical experience and consistent training of the best and latest methods & practices.

Professional Tree and Shrub Care Maintenance


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