Perimeter Pest Control

Did you know that insects out number humans 200 million:1? They easily enter your home through expansion cracks, gaps, and penetrations. Keep the creepy crawlies outside where they belong!

Simply Green’s Perimeter Pest Control Program will give you a more enjoyable indoor and outdoor space. We focus on areas and points where insects and spiders tend to enter. And, because we focus on the exterior of the structure, you don’t have to be home for service.

Simply Green’s perimeter pest control includes:

  Treatment of doors, windows, foundations, cracks & crevices eliminating entry points for pests currently harboring outside your home and to prevent future infestation.
  4 timely visits for consistent insect control.
 Our Perimeter Pest Control creates an invisible barrier that protects your home without impeding your outdoor activities keep pests out, where they belong!
  Discount available when coupled with one of Simply Green’s lawn or tree programs.

Benefits of Perimeter Pest Control

  Perimeter Pest Control protects your family, pets & home from harmful & disease carrying insect infestations.

  Exterior application keeps pesticides outside your home.

  Perimeter Pest Control is colorless and safe to use around your house.

  Doesn’t cause harm to flowers, shrubs, or lawns.

  Serves as a front-line defense against unwanted pests invading your home.

  Can’t be home? No problem! Our technicians never need to access to the inside of your home for treatment.

Seeding lawn overseeding
Perimeter Pest Control

Providing Perimeter Pest Control services in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Robins, Center Point, Urbana, Shellsburg, Fairfax, Walford, Atkins, Ely, Solon, Swisher, North Liberty, Coralville, Iowa City, Springville, Mount Vernon and Anamosa, Iowa

Why people choose Simply Green

Licensed & Insured

All our lawn technicians are certified and licensed with the state of Iowa. Fully insured.

Customizable Services

We understand every lawn and landscape is different and pride ourselves in providing custom tailored solutions for your lawn, landscape, and snow removal needs.

Dependable Service

Simply Green is committed to each and every lawn we service and proud of the relationships we have built with our customers.

Reputable Company

Over 30 years of local experience in the industry.

Free Estimates

Estimates for service(s) are provided FREE for both current and potential customers.


We are committed to the training & development of our team. We have an onsite training ground for practical experience and consistent training of the best and latest methods & practices.

Pest Problem? Let Simply Green Help.


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